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Petrol and Diesel Ecu Remaps and Chip Tuning in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire.

Castle Garage Performance & Economy ECU Remaps & Chip Tuning for Petrol & Diesel Cars, 4x4s, and Commercial vehicles.

Install our ECU Remaps and discover your vehicles true performance and economy potential

Are looking to extract the most from vehicle’s performance?
Would you like more power and efficiency from your car or van engine,
improving it’s potential to have the higher output level that you require? 

Castle Garage is Newcastle-under-Lyme’s premier engine ECU Remapping and chip tuning specialists, well known by our customers for our mechanical work and skills and excellent customer service, our team at Castle Garage can improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and performance to suit your requirements with ECU Remaps and Chip Tuning.

In most modern vehicles, the Engine Control Unit (ECU) monitors your vehicles engine and integral systems; this ensures that things such as oxygen levels in the exhaust fumes, running engine temperature, and fuel usage are within the vehicle manufacturer set operational parameters. 

Vehicle manufacturers implement these ECU settings and often use the same engine across a vast range of vehicles, but with different engine tune horsepower dependent on the vehicle price.

We can perform ECU Remapping and tuning to your vehicle that will provide higher performance and economy levels. Our skilled team at Castle Garage can conduct accurate and targeted ECU Remapping to change manufacturer-implemented limits, to improve engine output and fuel efficiency to improve your driving experience.

When you feel that there is more performance to be had from your car, ECU Remaps and Chip Tuning with Castle Garage would be your next logical step. We know well how much you love your car or van. Why not reap the benefits of remapping? such as better response and improved torque with better fuel economy.

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about our ecu remaps

Your Engine Has Hidden Power and Better Fuel Economy in Reserve!

ECU remapping is an efficient way to get the power, response and improved fuel economy for your vehicle that you’ve desired. Our custom ECU Remaps are proven to improve engine efficiency. We carefully choose the necessary settings to improve boost pressure, torque and horsepower. The result of our ECU Remaps is consistent performance. You can be that confident your engine will run smoother after we finish your ECU Remapping project.

To put it simply, an ECU remap is software optimization for your vehicle’s engine. It allows you to gain maximum performance out of every engine element without sacrificing torque and reliability, which is why this service is a favourite improvement for older vehicles or those searching to gain the best performance and economy from their car.

Castle Garage’s working partnerships with trusted ECU manufacturing specialists allow us to generate high-quality custom remaps that keep you above the curve in terms of performance!

When you feel there are more performance improvements to be made from your car, ECU chip tuning with Castle Garage would be your next logical step. We know how much you feel about your vehicle, and we don’t take things lightly either.

If you’re interested in getting added extra performance from your car or van, contact us at Castle Garage in Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire.


Install our ECU Remaps and discover your vehicles true performance and economy potential

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