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Castle Garage Staffs... We're an independent family run garage,
serving motorists in Newcastle-under-Lyme and Stoke-on-Trent

Affordable Vehicle Repairs by
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Our aim is to offer comprehensive vehicle repairs, maintenance, servicing and MOT's to all of our customers for a fair price.

Castle Garage Staffs Ltd is a family run business, staffed by fully qualified – time served mechanics / technicians, with over 22 years experience in the vehicle repairs business. Our aim is to provide competitive auto maintenance services and M.O.T. testing.

We provide a customer focused approach to looking after your vehicles repairs and servicing, for you, your family or your business.  Free vehicle collection and delivery is available for most jobs, and we also offer a competitive price to recover your vehicle, if required.

We’re located on the A34, (northbound) close to Newcastle-under-Lyme and the Milehouse roundabout. Our premises are also handily placed for easy access from Stoke-on-Trent and Crewe, via the A500.

Castle Garage take great pride in our workmanship, and our garage facilitates us to undertake and deal with work on all marques of modern cars and light commercial vehicles. Our services include…. Engine repairs and rebuilds, gearboxes, braking systems, general servicing / repairs, exhausts, batteries, 4 wheel drives, complex diagnostics, welding, MOT work & anything you may think of that is related to motoring maintenance. We’re highly experienced with a well equipped modern garage, our attention to detail and high class workmanship enables us to provide you with a customer service that we think is second to none!

For your piece of mind, all of our work, including the labour and parts supplied and fitted by us, are guaranteed for one year from the date of fitting (subject to fair wear and tear, see below*). We can’t be fairer than that if you’re looking for vehicle repairs and servicing in Newcastle-under-Lyme.


*FAIR WEAR & TEAR EXCEPTIONS for example… Normal wear and tear will cause certain auto parts to wear out at a fairly predictable rate, while other factors such as how you drive your vehicle and where you drive your vehicle can increase or decrease the rate at which certain parts wear out and have to be replaced. Even your driving style can be a factor. An aggressive driver will obviously wear out the brake pads on his vehicle much more quickly than someone who is a more careful driver.

Castle Garage Staffs are an approved MOT Vehicle Testing Station

Class 4 MOT'S £35, Class 7 MOT's £55.

Note:  A Class 4 MOT is the standard MOT test for most cars or vehicles with up to 8 passenger seats. This includes cars, private hire cars, taxis, ambulances, campervans, motorhomes and most vans and smaller commercial vehicles with a weight of up to 3,000 kg.

Class 7 MOT’s apply to commercial vehicles that have a gross weight of between 3,000kg and 3,500kg – for example, larger models of vans like the Merc Sprinter and Ford Transit. If you’re unsure of which weight category your vehicle falls in, please check your V5 registration document or manufacturer details

What We Do

RAC Approved Garage

We're a proud member of the RAC Approved Garage Network. so you can be assured that we always deliver quality work and exceptional customer service. When you use Castle Garage, you will receive our great service that includes vehicle repairs, tyre fitting, vehicle diagnostics and air conditioning servicing.

Servicing, Lubricants
& Fluids

We only use approved parts and lubricants specified for your vehicle, along with Steering fluids, Hydraulic Suspension fluids, Brake & Clutch fluids, Antifreeze and Injector / Fuel Treatments.

Your Local Garage

We are a fully staffed, family run garage in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Our certified technicians handle all aspects of vehicle repairs, servicing, remaps, tuning and maintenance. We run the latest diagnostic equipment at Castle Garage, and our qualified in-house team are able to diagnose your car and get you back out on the road quickly.

Tuning & Remaps

Our remap and tuning service offers optimal performance and economy for your vehicle. A professional remap will transform the way your vehicle drives removing the performance restrictions placed by manufacturers. This improves driving pleasure, performance as well as fuel efficiency.

Tyres & Exhausts

In addition to our vehicle repairs and servicing, Castle Garage offer competitive pricing on all new vehicle tyres and exhaust fitting. Give us a call for a free quotation on our supply and fit service, no hidden costs. All budget and major brands of tyres and exhausts available. Balancing and Tracking Service available too.



Book a free brake check with Castle Garage. We carry out brake checks, repairs & replacements to discs, pads and brake drums. It's essential to ensure that your vehicle's brakes are working as as best as the possibly should in all conditions, and all brake fluids and levels are correct.

Great Value
& Service

Castle Garage understand how important your vehicle is to you, and our aim is to have you back on the road quickly.

We’re an approved MOT test centre and have a wealth of experience in undertaking vehicle repairs and servicing on all marques of cars and commercial vehicles. Whether you need a new clutch, are having trouble with your engine or just need a new brake light, we’re here to help. Our repairs are affordable, speedy and effective, furthermore, it won’t cost you the Earth! When you’re having car troubles, call Castle Garage first!

LOOKING FOR CAR REPAIRS? View our range of services below

Vehicle Servicing

Try our common sense approach to car servicing Call Castle Garage for a free quote today!

You can trust our trained, qualified and accredited team within our fully equipped independent family garage.
Why pay main dealer prices for servicing when we can use the same or better lubricants and consumables, and do the job for a whole lot less of your hard earned cash!

What's included in our vehicle servicing?

Small Service

Dependent on Make and Model From
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  • Oil Filter Change
  • Oil Change
  • Lights Check
  • Fluid Levels Check
  • Tyre Pressures / Tread Check

Annual Interim Service

Dependent on Make and Model From
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  • Oil Filter & Oil Change
  • Brake/Clutch Fluid Levels Check & Top Up
  • Tyre Pressures / Tread Check
  • Anti Freeze & Screen Wash Check / Top Up

Full Service up to 2.0L

Dependent on Make and Model From
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  • Oil Change, Oil Filter, Air & Fuel Filters Changed
  • Brake/Clutch Fluid Levels Check & Top Up
  • Tyre Pressures / Tread Check
  • Anti Freeze & Screen Wash Check / Top Up

Full Service over 2.0L

Dependent on Make and Model From
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  • Oil Change, Oil Filter, Air & Fuel Filters Changed
  • Brake/Clutch Fluid Levels Check & Top Up
  • Tyre Pressures / Tread Check
  • Anti Freeze & Screen Wash Check / Top Up

Small Service

Our budget small service includes oil and filter change, check all lights, fluid levels check and tyre pressures. 

Annual Interim Service

Our interim car service will include a 102 point vehicle check to make sure everything is ship-shape. As standard, we’ll change your engine oil & all other filters, replace your spark plugs, (heater plugs not included) test your battery, check your brake and clutch fluid levels (your brake and clutch fluids will be tested for signs of water absorption). We check lights, wipers, tyre pressures, anti-freeze check. If your screen wash is low, we’ll top that up too. If we find any issues from our full vehicle check, we’ll advice you of any wear and tear, before giving you some options for whatever may be required. If your car is serviced at the correct intervals, there shouldn’t be any major surprises.

Full Car Service 

As with the interim service, you’ll get new engine oil and oil filter, plus air and fuel filters.  We’ll not only top up your screen wash, but also your coolant, brake fluid and clutch fluid. We’ll fit new air, fuel and pollen filters, as well as new spark plugs. Your car service includes our 102 point vehicle check, battery test, chassis and brake and suspension check and transmission levels are checked. To make sure there are no hidden issues, we’ll run an On Board Diagnostic (OBD) check too – that’s mechanic’s jargon to say we’ll scan your car’s computer for error codes and diagnose any related issues.

We’ll advise you of any safety, or pending issues discovered whilst servicing your vehicle.
(No work will be undertaken without our customer’s prior instructions)

Protect your investment by servicing your vehicle!

As a car or van owner, you should always put the safety of yourself and your passengers and vehicle first. Ensuring you’re proactive with a good maintenance schedule helps to find issues before they become significant problems and will save you money and valuable time further down the line. What things could you do to ensure that your vehicle gets adequate maintenance and care? One way would be to get regular services, say once a year or every 12,000 miles. What advantage does this give consumers? Servicing your vehicle reassures them, knowing their vehicle is reliable and safe. In addition, a car or van with a documented service history always has a higher resale value! So, getting your vehicle serviced regularly is highly recommended if you want to get the most out of your car or van!

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